Going Bananas


Don’t you hate it when you buy all that lovely fresh fruit, then you go shopping the next week buying more fresh fruit and last week’s is still looking sorry for itself in the fruit bowl?

Normally I hate that, it’s such a waste, except when it’s bananas! They look all black,  speckled and well just yucky on the outside, but inside their banana flavour has just got better and better, perfect for cooking with.

My first thought was banoffee cupcakes, but after a quick look on bakingmad.com I landed on chocolate and banana tea loaf, a (little) bit healthier than the butter and sugar laden cupcakes I was initially going to go with.

The recipe is like a muffin recipe in that you put the dry ingredients  in one bowl the wet in another and then combine lightly but quickly. I’ll  admit it’s not the most appetising looking cake batter,

IMAG0008but it smelt delicious when it was baking, but only took 50 mind rather than the hour the recipe stated.

And here’s  the finished result, a perfect way to use up over ripe fruit!


It was a hit with my office, they said it was really chocolatey, only half left for my family! Why not give it a go next time you’ve got some sad looking bananas?

Happy baking,

Kelly xx


Cookies Not Cake


So I’m going to start with sharing some cookies ( aren’t I generous!) rather than cake, as my blog name suggests. My friend recently came back from America, and with her she was carrying a treat, Reece’s peanut butter chips!! You will soon discover that I love peanut butter yum yum! I couldn’t  wait to make some thing with these nutty little goodies. I had found a recipe on another blog (you can find it here http://baking-joy.com/after-eight-mint-chocolate-chip-cookies/) Which had gone down very well in my house, at work and even with my cookie hating mum (I’m slowly working on that!) So I thought they would make a perfect base for peanut buttery loveliness.

I followed the basic recipe swapping 100g of the dark choc chip for 100g  of the peanut butter chips, I also swapped the after eight mints for a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter.


I crossed my chocolate dough covered fingers and popped them into the oven, and 11 mind later pulled these out of the oven. They smelt gorgeous, and waiting for them to cool was complete torture, but I’m pleased to say they turned out well!


In the words of my daughter they were yummy delish. Although I think next time I’ll  add some chopped peanuts for extra crunch.

I hope you enjoyed joining me in the kitchen today, and even give them a go, I’d love to hear from you if you do!

Happy baking,

Kelly xx

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Kelly and I love to bake!

I hope you’ll join me every week as I share with you what’s coming out of my little kitchen in the south of England.

I love to bake anything and everything, but most of all sweet things, and if you do to, you’ve come to the right place!

See you soon, with my very first baking post.

Kelly xx